A.3 Operation of The Swedish Club

The English Clubs are often operated by separate professional management companies. Some of those Clubs are as well known by the name of their managers as they are by their own names. The Swedish Club is a mutual insurance company formed under Swedish law and manages itself directly. A Board of Directors is elected by and from its Members. Under the control of the management are a number of departments handling P&I, Marine, Technical expertise and Underwriting.

The Board consists of members holding executive positions within the field of shipping, the Managing Director of the Club and two representatives of the employees. The Board ensures that the Club is controlled for the benefit of the Members. The Board is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in Gothenburg every June. At the AGM, each Member is entitled to one vote per SEK 100,000 of the sum total of his estimated premiums for the current fiscal year. Voting entitlement is regulated so that all Members present at the AGM have a reasonable and democratic say in matters, and no large Member can take control of the Club.

All Members are invited to attend the AGM, which provides a good opportunity to meet other Members as well as the staff of the Club. A programme of social events and lectures accompanies the AGM itself.