Rule 2 Nature of cover

The cover afforded by the Association is set out in these Rules subject to any special terms which may be agreed. The Member shall have the burden of proving that any claim against the Association results from a risk covered by the Rules.

The Member is covered in respect of liabilities, costs or expenses incurred by him in his capacity as owner, operator or bareboat charterer of the entered ship and arising out of an event during the period of insurance in direct connection with the operation of that ship.

Unless the Association otherwise decides the Member is only covered in respect of such sums as he has paid to discharge liabilities, costs or expenses referred to in Chapter II.

The cover afforded by the Association shall not include the deductible fixed by the Association or otherwise agreed with the Member.

The cover afforded by the Association shall not exceed the sum to which the Member would be entitled to limit his liability under applicable law on limitation of liability.

These Rules are subject to the Articles of the Association. Furthermore, the General Swedish Marine Insurance Plan of 2006 (SPL 2006) and Swedish Law in relevant parts to apply in matters not provided for in these Rules.

The Association may amend these Rules at any time during the period of insurance in order to avoid the Association becoming subject to any sanction, prohibition or adverse action by any State or International organisation.

The Association will process the Member’s employees’ and representatives’ personal data in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and the Association’s integrity policy. The Member undertakes to inform its employees and representatives of the Association’s processing of their personal data and that the Member will transfer personal data to the Association.

Commentary: Rule 2 Nature of cover