Rule 15 Time bar

The Member’s claim against the Association shall be extinguished if he

(a) fails to notify the Association of any casualty or event or claim referred to in Rule 10, Section 4 within six months after he has knowledge thereof,

(b) fails to claim compensation from the Association within three years after having discharged liability or having paid costs or expenses.

Where the Member’s claim against the Association has not been extinguished earlier, his right to claim compensation shall be extinguished after ten years from the time of the casualty or other event. However, where final judgement or adjustment has to be awaited before a claim for compensation from the Association can be made, the claim shall not be extinguished until one year after such judgement or adjustment having acquired legal force.

Where the Association has requested the Member in writing to submit his claim against the Association for decision in accordance with Rule 18 within a specific time which shall not be shorter than six months, the Member’s rights to compensation shall be extinguished if he fails to comply with the request.

Commentary: Rule 15 Time bar