Rule 24 Overspill calls

The cover afforded by the Association is limited as defined in Appendix I to these Rules.

The Association may at any time decide at its discretion to levy one or more overspill calls in the event that funds are or may be required to pay any part of a claim incurred by the Association or by any other party to the Pooling Agreement in excess of the reinsurances cover limit arranged by the parties to the Pooling Agreement.

The part of any claim incurred by the Association under these Rules which exceeds the reinsurances cover limit shall not be recoverable from the Association in excess of the amounts specified in Appendix I.

The provisions of Appendix I shall be incorporated in and shall form part of these Rules. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of the English wording of Appendix I and the Swedish and English wording of these Rules the provisions and wording of the English text, including those provisions concerning jurisdiction and choice of law, of Appendix I shall prevail.

Commentary: Rule 24 Overspill calls