Rule 32 Affiliated companies

The Association may agree to extend the cover afforded by the Association to affiliated companies of the Member which are not named in the Certificate of Entry on such terms as may be agreed.

The liability of the Association to affiliated companies shall be limited to liabilities, costs or expenses which the affiliated company is found liable to pay for loss or damage which is properly the responsibility of the Member and which the Member would have incurred if the claim had been pursued against him and which would have been reimbursed by the Association under these Rules.

The Association may fully discharge its obligations with regard to payment under these Rules by payment to any one of the affiliated companies or any other insured party in respect of that loss or damage.

The liability of the Association to the Member and to affiliated companies shall not exceed the limitation under the fifth paragraph of Rule 2 had the registered Owner of the entered ship been the sole Member.

Any liability of the parties insured to one another shall neither be excluded nor discharged by reason of a common insurance. Payment by the Association to one of the parties insured in respect of any liabilities, losses, costs or expenses shall operate only as satisfaction, but neither exclusion nor discharge, of the liability of that party to the other parties insured.

Commentary: Rule 32 Affiliated companies