Rule 1 Definitions of rules and language

The Swedish wording of these Rules, of which this is an English translation, shall prevail in case of a dispute.

Headings and List of Contents form part of these Rules, whereas Index to the Rules and Explanatory Notes are for guidance only.

In these Rules, the following words or expressions shall mean


Any person, including the Master, contractually obliged to serve on board the entered ship.


A ship or other floating structure used or intended to be used in navigation on water or any part thereof or share therein in respect of which the Association has issued a policy of insurance under these Rules.


Sveriges Ångfartygs Assurans Förening (The Swedish Club).


An owner, operator or bareboat charterer, whether an individual or a corporation, in favour of whom the Association has issued a policy of insurance under these Rules and any Joint Member mentioned therein.


“Approval in writing”/”written approval”.

Hull Insurance

The insurance effected on the hull and machinery of the entered ship, including hull excess liability insurance, hull interest insurance, freight interest insurance and other total loss insurances.


“Consent in writing”/”written consent”.


“Agree in writing”/”written agreement”.

Pooling Agreement

The agreement to which the Association is a party between certain protection and indemnity associations dated 20 February 1998 and any addendum to or variation or replacement of such agreement.

Group Excess Loss Policies

The excess of loss reinsurance policy or policies effected by parties to the Pooling Agreement.

Commentary: Rule 1 Definitions of rules and language