P&I Rules and Exceptions 2021

Guidelines on the understanding and practical application of The Swedish Club Rules for P&I Insurance

Welcome to the fourth, fully revised edition of The Swedish Club’s P&I Rules & Exceptions, containing all the information you need to understand the Club’s Rules.

These guidelines are intended as a useful tool, helping to provide an in-depth understanding of the Rules for all who work in the field of P&I worldwide.

At the time of printing, this publication reflects the latest changes to our P&I Rules (as per 20 February 2021) as well as the most recent developments in relevant legislation. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware that, as part of the dynamic shipping industry, information on P&I Insurance can change.

To be sure of the latest information about a specific topic, please do not hesitate to contact The Swedish Club directly or search for the latest information on www.swedishclub.com.

We hope that you will find this revised version of our P&I Rules & Exceptions to be both interesting and useful and that it will help you in your daily work, whether you are a member, broker, correspondent, lawyer, student or involved in any other area of the shipping industry.

Thomas Nordberg
Managing Director