B.4 Club Rules and the Pooling Agreement

No club can reasonably ask the other clubs to share a payment to one of its Members in respect of a risk for which the other clubs deny their own Members compensation under their rules. The valuable system of reinsurance by way of pooling can only be maintained if the same concept of mutuality is applied between the Group clubs as it is among the Members of the individual clubs.

Uniformity of the rules of the Group clubs is, therefore, necessary. That does not mean that the rules must be identical. The layout and wording may vary. The Swedish Club Rules must be adapted to mandatory regulations of the Swedish Insurance Contracts Act of 2005 (see comments under 2.13). To achieve the uniformity required for the pooling to operate, the Group clubs have drafted and adopted the Pooling Agreement. It sets the standard for rules of the Group clubs which must be met for a claim to be poolable. The Pooling Agreement is continuously updated. The Club’s cover through reinsurance has its limits and exclusions in the same way as the cover for the Member. Adherence to the Pooling Agreement is important to the Club and its Members.