Chapter V Other provisions

Rule 12 Security for claims and certificates

Rule 13 Set-off

Rule 14 Right of recourse

Rule 15 Time bar

Rule 16 Payment by the Association

Rule 17 Forbearance

Rule 18 Disputes

Rule 19 Omnibus clause

Rule 20 Period of insurance

Rule 21 Insurance premium tax

Rule 22 Premiums and deductibles

Rule 23 Additional premiums

Rule 24 Overspill calls

Rule 25 Right of lien for amounts due to the Association

Rule 26 Termination

Rule 27 Cesser

Rule 28 Effects of termination and cesser

Rule 29 Laid-up returns

Rule 30 Joint members, co-assureds, affiliated charterers and contractors

Rule 31 Fleet entry

Rule 32 Affiliated companies

Rule 33 Membership of ITOPF

Rule 34 TOPIA and STOPIA

Rule 35 Mortgaged ships

Rule 36 Surplus

Charterers’ Liability